Vote For Judge Pitman On November 6, 2012

Judge Frances Pitman for Louisiana Court of Appeal 
Second Circuit

Judge Frances Pitman

~ I appreciate all your support in this election, especially your moral support and your faith in me to do the job. Both candidates ran a great campaign and I enjoyed meeting so many great people who helped along the way. Thanks again for your participation in the election. I am honored by the voters that made this win possible. ~

Pitman for Court of AppealExperience, Fairness and Wisdom to do the job right!

I am State District Court Judge Frances Pitman, candidate for the Second Circuit Court of Appeal.

I have had the honor of serving you for 36 years as a State District Court Judge, Assistant Attorney General, prosecutor, family law mediator, speech pathologist and teacher. I know that every case is serious and important to all parties involved. I assure you that I will give each case my undivided attention.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeal has the important responsibility of reviewing the decisions of trial courts in 20 North Louisiana parishes . This job takes a special kind of judge with experience, fairness and wisdom.

At the State District Court, I have been that kind of judge. I have the experience to understand the law and evidence, the ability to always be fair and impartial and the wisdom to make the right decisions.

I will continue to fulfill my judicial responsibilities in a fair and impartial manner. I am a lifelong resident of North Louisiana and will always remember that it is an honor and privilege to serve you, the citizens of North Louisiana.

I am asking for your prayers, your support and your vote on November 6, 2012.



Judge Frances Pitman District Court

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