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Judge Frances Pitman for Louisiana Court of Appeal 
Second Circuit

Judge Frances Pitman

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Posted by: Bandwise - October 30, 2012

Here are some additional endorsements for Judge Frances Pitman for Louisiana Court of Appeal.


"Mrs. Frances Pitman is my choice as a candidate for the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals for Louisiana.  She is a gifted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and we desperately need God fearing people in office during these challenging days.  I encourage you to give every consideration for her candidacy.  Let's join together to put Godly people in leadership positions and pray for them as they serve."
W. D. Step Martin



"It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Judge Frances Pitman for the Second Circuit Court of Appeal. Judge Pitman's training, experience,and devoted service to our community tells me that she is extremelyqualified to serve well the citizens of North Louisiana. Her passion will beto apply the rule of law fairly. She will bring to the court great legal knowledge,Solomon-like wisdom, and the kind of character that fosters our trust.On November 6, I hope you will join me and my wife as we vote for our friend, Frances Pitman."
Rev. Wayne DuBose



"Frances Pitman is a godly Christian lady of utmost character. I personally discipled Frances and her husband for 15 weeks. I know them well. You can trust her."

Rod Masteller




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